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A visit to Diamond Fork hot springs

First mixed nude skinnydip

A visit to Diamond Fork hot springs

I learned about chaste social nudity on the Internet. I discovered it was not a sexual thing, and that I didn't have to feel like it was against my religion or moral code. So I decided I was going to try it.

My opportunity came when I found out about a group heading up to Diamond Fork hot springs, one of the premier locations for social nudity in Utah. I talked my wife into joining me--but she had absolutely no plans to join me in being nude.

The hike was a grueling hour-long ordeal uphill (I was horribly out of shape back then). My wife showed me up in her ability to keep going while I in my chagrin huffed and puffed my way up, stopping for frequent rests. In my inexperience, I wore a complete set of street clothing--shirt, long pants, shoes and socks, and underwear.

Since there seemed to be nobody around, I decided part way up that I wanted to hike nude. I stopped to undress. My wife went on, no doubt thinking I was taking another rest. I had to remove my shoes and put them back on again, since my pants wouldn't slide off over them. I tried to take everything off without letting anything touch the red dust of the trail, with only meager success. Then I had to stuff all that unwanted fabric in my bag and carry it the rest of the way.

I caught up to my wife. She turned around and looked at me, then turned away without a word. I asked her if she was shocked to see me naked. "No, that's what you came up here to do," she said.

Halfway up we came to a bridge over a river. As I crossed it, I saw a man coming up from behind us. Quickly I put on the ridiculous too-small shorts I had brought with me for such an emergency. As he passed he said, "You didn't have to get dressed for me." I said, "Good!" and immediately took them off.

By the time I reached the top, I was dying. There's a big boulder there that shields people coming up the trail from people in the spring pools. I got to that boulder and collapsed on it, gasping for breath. There were three other men there, one of them the one that had passed me. They were all nude.

I determined that these were the group I had come up to meet. It was then that I realized I would have to step out from behind that rock naked in front of them. It felt weird to contemplate doing so.

You might think, "But the man who passed you already saw you naked, so what's the big deal?" But he didn't count. I got dressed before he was close enough to get a good look, and he had already passed and wasn't looking behind him when I took the shorts off again.

Nervous or not, I hadn't hiked all that way to chicken out now. I stepped out feeling very weird, took off my shoes, and climbed into the pool. It was all a pleasant piece of cake after that.

My wife not only didn't get nude, she didn't get into the springs at all. She didn't like the sulphur smell and didn't want it all over her, so she sat along the side the whole time. Since this was my first socially nude experience and I was still dealing with the moral issues I had been brainwashed with all my life, I remarked to her how I was the only righteous person there that day. The other men were being naked in front of my wife, a woman they were not married to, and she was seeing a bunch of men naked that she wasn't married to. Only I was morally on the up-and-up, since I was naked in front of my wife and other people of my own sex.

But that didn't last. Night fell and it was time to hike back. I had no desire to get dressed again, and one other man planned on hiking back nude, so I decided to as well. He said few people ever come up the trail this late in the day.

What a liar!

We passed several groups consisting of both males and females. I walked passed them stark naked, feeling a rush of adventure and liberation as I did so. At the bottom of the trail in the parking area we ran into several teenagers. What could we do but pass by and say hello?

I scolded the man for giving me such inaccurate information, but secretly I was glad he encouraged me to hike back nude. No way did I want to get dressed, and I had definitely gone through a baptism of fire with being socially nude. The people we had passed were no worse off for the experience of passing a couple of harmless naked men in the dark.

It was official. I had rejected body shame and become a skinnydipper.

---Marty Michaels, Salt Lake City, Utah

First mixed nude skinnydip

My first experience with mixed company nudity occurred at a Family Skinnydippers swimming party in Salt Lake City. It was a very natural introduction. It started out with all men, about 8 of us with 2 teenaged boys. I didnít feel any different then than if I had gone to a public swimming pool.

After an hour or so, a family arrived with three small children and a baby. It was quite obvious to me that they were used to this. They went down to the locker room and came back shortly, all totally nude, and immediately jumped into the pool. I was most surprised at the mother. I even admired her. Without hesitation she joined in with the rest of us men and even breast fed her baby.

I particularly enjoyed the spirit I felt there. Few times have I ever felt more comfortable swimming. The people were very nice, the water was warm and everyone was naked. It was great!

In the course of conversation, one of the guys told me that another swim was being held in Provo for adults only. They held to the same standards, but were not a family group. I followed him down there and spent the next two hours at that swim. A lot more people there and it seemed like there were as many women as men--maybe up to fifty people or more. Nice people, a lot noisier, and a lot of horseplay and fun going on, but it was all okay.

I suppose the most important aspect of these two experiences was the totally natural feeling of being nude with so many men and women. There was no embarrassment or lack of confidence. It felt like this is the way it should always be. No pretense. No shame. Just complete honesty, and total acceptance. Yes, I am hooked!

---D.O., Salt Lake City, Utah

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